9 th Art Comics



Peyo: Real name Pierre Culliford.
Born: June 25 1928 in Schaerbeek in Belgium.
Died: December 24 1992 in Brussels/Belgium was a frech/Belgium author. 
He was particularly known for his comic book series : Benoît Brisefer, Jacky and Célestin, Johan and Pirlouit, Poussey and most famously The Schtroumpfs.



Pseudonyme of George Prosper Rémi. 
Born : May 22 1907 in Enter been. 
Died: March 3rd 1983 in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.
Was a Belgium author and comic book writer, most famous for "THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN"
Book titles include:
TINTIN in the Congo.
The blue lotus
The secret of the unicorn and many other titles.
Hergé married twice:
Germaine Kieckens: Married from 1932/1977.
Fanny Rodwell : Married from 1977/1983.